Penny got a shelf from Ikea, and the boys are helping her with it. As always, they are overdoing it completely.



Howard: These instructions are a pictographic representation of the least imaginative way to assemble these components. This right here is why Sweden has no space program.

Penny: Well, uh, it looked pretty good in the store.

Leonard: It is an inefficient design, for example Penny has a flat screen TV, which means all the space behind it is wasted.

Sheldon: We could put her stereo back there.

Leonard: And control it how?

Sheldon: Run an infra-red repeater, photocell here, emitter here, easy-peasy.

Howard (after Raj whispers in his ear): Good point, how you gonna cool it?

Penny: Hey guys, I got this.

Sheldon: Hang on Penny. How about fans, here and here?

Leonard: Also inefficient, and might be loud.

Howard: How about liquid coolant? Maybe a little aquarium pump here, run some quarter inch PVC…

Penny: Guys, this is actually really simple.

Howard: Hold on, honey, men at work.



pictograph = a diagram or graph using pictured objects to convey ideas, information, etc.

representation = the way that something is shown or described

imaginative = new, original, and clever

to assemble = to fit the different parts of something together

repeater = an electrical device that amplifies incoming electrical signals, thus compensating for transmission losses

photocell = an electrical device that produces a current or a voltage when light shines on it

emitter = something that emits (= sends out) light, a noise, or a substance

easy-peasy = very easy

gonna = going to

hang on = wait for a short time

fan = A fan moves the air and makes yourself feel cooler.

liquid coolant = a liquid used to keep a machine or engine cool while it is operating

honey = a name you call someone you love or like very much

(definitions taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: The boys are helping Penny with her new furniture

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