Sheldon has no job at the moment. So he decides to accompany Penny to the Supermarket and do some grocery shopping.



Sheldon: This is great. Look at me, in the real world of ordinary people, just living their ordinary, colorless, workaday lives.

Penny: Thank you.

Sheldon: No, thank you. And thank you, ordinary person. Hey, you want to hear an interesting thing about tomatoes?

Penny: Uh, no, no not really. Listen, didn’t you say you needed some eggs.

Sheldon: Uh, yes, but anyone who knows anything about the dynamics of bacterial growth knows to pick up their refrigerated foods on the way out of the supermarket.

Penny: Oh, okay, well maybe you should start heading on out then.

Sheldon: No, this is fun. Oh, the thing about tomatoes, and I think you’ll really enjoy this, is, they’re shelved with the vegetables, but they’re technically a fruit.

Penny: Interesting.

Sheldon: Isn’t it?

Penny: No, I mean what you find enjoyable.



workaday = ordinary; not unusual

bacterial = used to describe things that relate to or are caused by bacteria

refrigerated = kept cold in a fridge

(definitions taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: Sheldon accompanies Penny to the Supermarket

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