Sheldon is infuriated that the restaurant has changed its menu. Now, he has a conversation with Raj about it.

(Season 3, Episode 13: The Bozeman Reaction)



Sheldon: Oh, dear Lord, they re-did the menu.

Leonard: So what? It’s the same food.

Sheldon: Oh, is it? Look at this. General Tso’s Chicken is no longer listed under specialties. It’s now under chicken.

Raj: So?

Sheldon: Yes, General Tso.

Raj: Not Tso the chicken, so the question. So?

Sheldon: So, why is it no longer a specialty? Did the chef lose confidence in the dish or himself?



to infuriate = to make someone extremely angry

dear lord = expressing strong emotion, such as frustration

menu = a list of the food and drinks that are available in a restaurant

General Tso’s Chicken = a chicken dish; a American Chinese cuisine (according to Wikipedia)

specialty = A specialty of a particular place is a special food or product that is always very good there.

chef = a cook in a restaurant or hotel

(definitions partly taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)


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