Leonard bought a time machine on the Internet. He thought it would be a miniature replica from the film “The Time Machine”. Instead, it was a replica in full size.

(Season 1, Episode 14: The Nerdvana Annihilation)



Raj: Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a miniature time machine.

Howard: You lucky duck.

Sheldon: I wonder why no one else bid, this is a classic piece of sci-fi movie memorabilia.

Leonard: Yeah, I know, I still can’t afford it.

Howard: Why don’t we share it? We’ll each put in two hundred bucks and we’ll take turns having it in our house.

Raj: A timeshare time machine? I’m in. Sheldon?

Sheldon: Need you ask? But I still don’t understand why no one else bid.

Scene: The lobby. The guys stand around a full-sized time machine.

Sheldon: I understand why no one else bid.



replica = an exact copy of an object

miniature = used to describe something that is a very small copy of an object

lucky duck = an incredibly lucky person

sci-fi = short for science fiction

memorabilia = objects that are collected because they are connected with a person or event that is thought to be very interesting

buck = a dollar

to take turns = When a number of people take turns, they do the same thing one after the other.

timeshare = A timeshare usually refers to a holiday house or apartment that is owned by several different people who each use it for a particular period of the year.

(definitions taken from the Cambridge Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: The timeshare time machine

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