Sheldon notices that someone has touched his board and changed some equations. He’s quite furious about it.



Sheldon: Someone touched my board. Oh God, my board. Leonard! Leonard!

Leonard (entering): Hey, what’s the matter?

Sheldon: My equations, someone’s tampered with my equations.

Leonard: Are you sure?

Sheldon: Of course I’m sure. Look at the beta-function of quantum chronodynamics, the sign’s been changed.

Leonard: Oh yeah. But doesn’t that fix the problem you’ve been having?

Sheldon: Are you insane? Are you out of your mind? Are you…. hey look, that fixes the problem I’ve been having.

Lesley (entering): You’re welcome.

Sheldon: You did this?

Lesley: Yeah, I noticed it when I got up to get a glass of water, so I fixed it, now you can show that quarks are asymptotically free at high energies. Pretty cool, huh?

Sheldon: Cool?

Lesley: Listen, I got to hit the lab. Thanks for a great night.



equation = a mathematical statement in which you show that two amounts are equal using mathematical symbols

to tamper with something = to touch or make changes to something that you should not, usually without enough knowledge of how it works

quantum chromodynamics = According to Wikipedia, it is a theory of the strong interaction between quarks.

quark = one of the most basic forms of matter that make up the heavier elementary particles

You’re welcome = said as a polite answer when someone thanks you for doing something

asymptotic = It means approaching ever nearer but never reaching it completely.

to hit = In this case it means to arrive at a place

lab = short for laboratory

(definitions partly taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: Someone touched Sheldon’s board

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