Sheldon is using a driving simulator, but he is not very good at it. Fortunately, he uses the simulator and not an actual car.

(Season 2, Episode 5: Homo Novus Automobiles)



Leonard: Okay, now, what you want to do first is turn on the ignition and shift into drive.

Sheldon: I haven’t fastened my seat belt yet.

Leonard: Okay, fasten your seat belt.

Sheldon: Click. Now, are there air bags?

Leonard: You don’t need air bags.

Sheldon: What if a simulated van rear-ends me?

Penny: I’ll hit you in the face with a pillow.

Leonard: Okay, now shift into drive, pull out slowly into traffic.

(General panic)

Penny: Oh.

Leonard: Oh.

Howard: Oh.

Leonard: Watch out.

Howard: Oh God!

Leonard: Watch, watch out, watch out for pedestrians!

Penny: Oh God, wait, slow, hit the brakes, hit the brakes!

(Sounds of car crashing. Penny hits Sheldon in the face with a pillow.)

Sheldon: Thank you.



ignition = the electrical system in an engine that causes the fuel to burn or explode in order to start the engine

to shift = to move the gears of a vehicle

to fasten = to become firmly fixed together or closed

to rear-end = to hit the back of one car with another in an accident

to pull out = If a vehicle pulls out, it starts moving onto a road or onto a different part of the road

watch out = used to warn someone of danger

pedestrian = a person who is walking, especially in an area where vehicles go

to hit the brakes = to step on the brakes hard and fast

(definitions taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: Sheldon is using a driving simulator

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