Sheldon doesn’t know what to buy Penny for Christmas. Fortunately, he comes up with a solution.



Sheldon: Mmm, great news, Leonard, I’ve solved my Penny gift dilemma.

Leonard: Yippee.

Sheldon: You see, the danger was that I might under- or over-reciprocate, but I have devised a foolproof plan. I will open her gift to me first and then excuse myself, feigning digestive distress.

Then I’ll look up the price of her gift online, choose the basket closest to that value, give it to her and then I’ll return the others for a full refund.

Leonard: Brilliant.

Sheldon: It is, isn’t it? Is it okay if I hide them in your room? The smell makes me nauseated.

Leonard: Do whatever you want.

Sheldon: Thank you, that’s very gracious. Gentlemen.

Howard: Why couldn’t you have just done what Leonard did and get Penny a new boyfriend?



dilemma = a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two different things you could do

to reciprocate = to do something for someone because the person has done something similar for you

to devise = to invent something, usually by using your intelligence or imagination

foolproof plan = so simple and easy to understand that it is unable to go wrong

to feign = to pretend to have a feeling or condition

distress = a situation in which you are suffering from something (like digestive distress relating to the digestion of food)

refund = an amount of money that is given back to you

to nauseate = to cause someone to feel as if they are going to vomit

gracious = behaving in a pleasant, polite, calm way

(definitions taken from the Cambridge Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: Sheldon got Penny a gift

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