In this scene from the TV series Big Bang Theory, Sheldon causes some problems by apologizing to Raj.



Raj: Sheldon, tell them what you did.

Sheldon: What did I do?

Leonard: You left with his date. Friends don’t do that to each other.

Sheldon: Oh. Alright, noted. Sorry.

Raj: Sorry? That’s all you can say is sorry?

Leonard: Take it, Raj. It’s more than I’ve ever gotten.

Sheldon: And may I point out she wouldn’t have asked me to go with her if you hadn’t been drunk and boring.

Dr Koothrappali: Drunk?

Sheldon: And boring, her words.

Dr Koothrappali: I knew it, he moves to America and becomes an alcoholic.



take it = In this case, it means something like accepting the excuse.

to be drunk = Someone who is drunk has drunk so much alcohol that they cannot speak clearly or behave sensibly.

(definitions taken from the Collins Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: Sheldon apologizes to Raj

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