Sheldon’s mom sent him his old Nintendo 64 to play with his friends, but Leonard has other plans that night.



Sheldon: Great news. My mom sent me my old Nintendo 64.

Leonard: Terrific.

Sheldon: You know what this means, don’t you? Break out the Red Bull, it’s time to rock Mario old school.

Leonard: I kind of have other plans tonight.

Sheldon: But it’s Friday. Friday’s always vintage game night. Look, mom included the memory card, we can pick up where I left off in 1999 when I had pernicious anemia.

Leonard: Well, the thing is, someone’s coming over.

Sheldon: Well then, no problem, I have three controllers, the more the merrier.

Leonard: Sheldon, it’s a date, I have a date coming over.

Sheldon: Oh, well you can’t blame me for not jumping to that conclusion.

Leonard: Why, what’s so unusual about me having a date?

Sheldon: Well, statistically speaking…

Leonard: Alright, alright.



to break out something = In this case it means to take out or prepare for use.

Red Bull = Red Bull is a brand of energy drinks. Sheldon suggests they will need a lot of energy because he plans to play video games for hours.

to rock something = You can say you rock it, when you are particular good at it.

old school = old-fashioned; Sheldon often favors traditional ideas and conservative practices. So for him, the word “old school” has a positive connotation.

vintage = produced in the past, and typical of the period in which it was made

pernicious anemia = a relatively rare autoimmune disorder caused by a lack of vitamin B12

the more the merrier = the more the better

jumping to a conclusion = to guess the facts about a situation without having enough information

(Some definitions are taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary.)


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