Raj was out with Penny, and now he thinks she is his new girlfriend. So Raj introduces her to his parents.



Raj: Mummy, daddy, I want you to meet my new squeeze, Penny.

Penny: I am not your squeeze. There is no squeezing.

Dr Koothrappali: I can’t see her, center her in the frame.

Raj: Here you go, cute huh?

Mrs Koothrappali: She’s not Indian.

Dr Koothrappali: So, she’s not Indian, the boy’s just sowing some wild oats.

Penny: No, no, there’s no sowing, no squeezing, and no sucking face.

Mrs Koothrappali: What if he gets her pregnant. Is this little hotsy-totsy who you want as the mother of your grandchildren?

Raj: What right do you have to pick who I can have children with?

Dr Koothrappali: Look, Rajesh, I understand, you’re in America, you want to try the local cuisine. But trust me, you don’t want it for a steady diet.

Raj: Now you listen to me, I am no longer a child, and I will not be spoken to like one. Now if you’d excuse me, I have to go throw up.

Mrs Koothrappali: What’s wrong with him?

Penny: I don’t know, maybe it’s the local cuisine.



squeeze = Someone’s squeeze is their boyfriend or girlfriend.

squeezing = to give someone a tight hug

sowing wild oats = If a young person sows their wild oats, they behave in a rather uncontrolled way, especially by having a lot of sexual relationships.

to suck face = to kiss, especially deeply and for a prolonged time

hotsy-totsy = very sexually attractive

cuisine = a style of cooking

to throw up = to vomit

(definitions taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)


Another funny scene from Big Bang Theory:

Penny has good news

Leonard and Sheldon are inviting Penny over




Big Bang Theory: Raj’s new squeeze

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