Raj discovered a new planetary object. Now, People magazine is featuring him in one of their issues.

(Season 2, Episode 4: The Griffin Equivalency)



Howard: So what’s your news?

Raj: Remember that little planetary object I spotted beyond the Kuiper Belt?

Leonard: Oh yeah, two zero zero eight NQ sub seventeen.

Raj: Or as I call it, Planet Bollywood. Anyway, because of my discovery, People magazine is naming me one of their thirty under-30 to watch.

Leonard: Well, wow, that’s incredible.

Sheldon: Excuse me. Thirty what, under thirty what, to watch what?

Raj: Thirty visionaries under thirty years of age to watch as they challenge the preconceptions of their fields.

Sheldon: If I had a million guesses I never would have gotten that.

Raj: It’s pretty cool, they’ve got me in with a guy who’s doing something about hunger in Indonesia, and a psychotherapist who’s using dolphins to rehabilitate prisoners, and Ellen Page, star of the charming independent film Juno.

Howard: Oh, I’d so do her.

Leonard: You’d do the dolphins.



planetary object = According to Wikipedia, a planetary object is any substantial body in orbit around the Sun or other star, like a planet, minor planet, or comet.

Kuiper Belt = According to NASA, the Kuiper Belt is a doughnut-shaped region of icy bodies extending far beyound the orbit of Neptune.

Bollywood = the center of the Hindi film industry, based mainly in the Indian city of Mumbai

preconception = an idea or opinion formed before enough information is available to form it correctly

to rehabilitate = to return someone to a good, healthy, or normal life or condition after they have been in prison, been very ill, etc.

charming = pleasant and attractive

to do someone = In this context, it means to have sex with someone.

(definitions partly taken from the Cambridge Dictionary)


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