In this flashback, Leonard shows Howard, Raj and Sheldon his rocket. Unfortunately, he made a mistake adjusting the formula. Now, the rocket is just about to explode.

(Season 3, Episode 22: The Staircase Implementation)



Past Sheldon: You don’t see your mistake, do you?

Past Leonard: There’s no mistake.

Past Sheldon: This is for a full-scale rocket, not a model.

Past Leonard: Well, I’ve adjusted the formula.

Past Sheldon: Not correctly.

Past Leonard: Okay, I’ve had it with you. You might be an expert on theoretical physics and science-fiction programs and where to sit on a freaking couch, but this is applied physics. And when it comes to applied physic… uh-oh.

Past Howard: What’s happening?

Past Leonard: A bad thing. A very bad thing. Get the door. Get the door! Get the door! Get the door! Get the door!



flashback = a short part of a film or play that goes back to events in the past

full-scale = A full-scale model is the same size as the original thing

to adjust = to change something slightly, especially to make it more correct, effective, or suitable

formula = In this case, it refers to the exact chemical parts that a mixture consists of.

to have had it with someone = to have suffered because of someone and to be no longer able to bear him or her

freaking = used to emphasize what is being said, or to express anger

applied = relating to a subject of study, especially a science, that has a practical use

get the door = open the door


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