Penny is meeting her ex-boyfriend again, and Leonard has ink on his forehead. Sheldon is gratulating Leonard for this “badge of honor”.



Penny: I just think he’s really changed. We’re having dinner tomorrow night, and I get to wear my new beret. Bye, guys.

Leonard: Bye.

Sheldon: Well done, Leonard. The true hero doesn’t seek adulation; he fights for right and justice simply because it’s his nature.

Leonard: Penny’s hooking up with her jerk of an ex-boyfriend and I have indelible ink on my forehead!

Sheldon: That’s your badge of honor, your warrior’s wound, if you will. I was wrong; minstrels will write songs about you.

Leonard: Great.

Sheldon (sings): There once was a brave lad named Leonard, with a fi-fi-fiddle-de-dee. He faced a fearsome giant, while Raj just wanted to pee.



beret = a round, flat hat made of soft material

adulation = very great and uncritical admiration or praise for someone

to hook up with somebody = In this case, it means that two people meet and they potentially will have sex.

jerk = a stupid person, usually a man

indelible = Indelible ink cannot be removed or washed out.

badge of honor = a mark or expression of pride

minstrel = a travelling musician and singer common between the 11th and 15 centuries

lad = a boy or young man

fiddle-de-dee = an exclamation of impatience, disbelief, or disagreement

(definitions taken from the Cambridge, Collins, and Merriam Webster Dictionary)


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