Leonard and Sheldon try to retrieve Penny’s TV from her ex-boyfriend. But they’re having problems accessing the building.



Sheldon: Leonard, the TV is in the building, we’ve been denied access to the building, ergo we are done.

Leonard: Excuse me, if I were to give up at the first little hitch I never would have been able to identify the fingerprints of string theory in the aftermath of the big bang.

Sheldon: My apologies. What’s your plan?

(Leonard starts rattling the doors violently.)

Sheldon: It’s just a privilege to watch your mind at work.

Leonard: Come on, we have a combined IQ of 360, we should be able to figure out how to get into a stupid building.

(Two girl scouts arrive carrying bags of cookies. One runs her hand down the intercom, pushing all the buttons. The door is buzzed open.)

Sheldon: What do you think their combined IQ is?

Leonard: Just grab the door.

Scene: Outside Penny’s ex-boyfriend’s apartment.

Leonard: This is it. (Knocks.) I’ll do the talking.

Sheldon: Good thinking, I’ll just be the muscle.



to deny = to not allow someone to have or do something

ergo = therefore

hitch = a temporary difficulty that causes a short delay

string theory = a theory in physics

aftermath = a period that follows an unpleasant event or accident; it also refers to the effects that it causes

the Big Bang = the large explosion that many scientists believe created the universe

privilege = an advantage that only one person or group of people has

(definitions taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: Leonard and Sheldon try to access a building

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