Leonard and Howard have no time to hang out with Raj as they both have girlfriends now. One might ask how they got actual women.

(Season 3, Episode 12: The Psychic Vortex)



Raj: Namaste, white people. Good news! I rented us the four-hour edition of Watchmen.

Leonard: Got it.

Howard: Seen it.

Sheldon: Detailed analysis posted online.

Raj: Well, then what are we going to do tonight?

Leonard: Uh, sorry, Raj. Howard and I are going out to dinner with Penny and Bernadette.

Howard: Yeah, no more carefree bachelor nights for me and Leonard. These broncos have been saddled.

Leonard: How did we get actual women?



namaste = a term associated with both Hinduism and yoga, meaning “I bow to you”

Watchmen = a superhero film based on a comic series

carefree = having no problems or not being worried about anything

bachelor = a man who is not married

bronco = a wild horse of the western US

(definitions partly taken from the Cambridge and Merriam Webster Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: Leonard and Howard go out with their girlfriends

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