The group wants to participate in a robot fight against Barry Kripke. The only problem is that Kripke’s robot is incredibly massive.



Leonard: Nice little bot you’ve got here.

Kripke: I’m aware.

Leonard: What’s this do, spin?

Kripke: Yep. At 3400 rpm. It can cut through steel like it was rubber.

Leonard: Neat. Good work. Sheldon, we’ve got to call this off.

Sheldon: No, Leonard. For years, merciless thugs like Kripke have made my life a series of painful noogies and humiliating wedgies and the insensitively named Indian Burns. That stops now.

Raj: But, Sheldon, we don’t have a chance. The only improvement you were able to make on the robot was to put fresh batteries in the remote.

Sheldon: What you fail to realize is Kripke suffers from a fatal flaw, overconfidence from his robot’s massive size and its overwhelming power.

Raj: That’s not overconfidence, that’s observation.

Sheldon: Trust me, Kripke will fall easy prey to my psychological warfare. Observe. Kripke! I would ask if your robot is prepared to meet its maker, but as you are its maker, clearly the two of you have met.



bot = short for robot

rpm = revolutions per minute: used when stating the number of times something goes round during a minute

neat = good

to call something off = to decide that a planned event will not happen, or to end an activity because it is no longer useful or possible

merciless = having or showing no mercy

thug = a man who acts violently

noogie [Am.] = a hard rubbing with the knuckles on someone’s head, or occasionally elsewhere, intended to inflict pain

wedgie = a prank in which the victim’s undershorts are jerked upward so as to become wedged between the buttocks

Indian Burn = the action of grabbing someone’s arm with both hands and twisting the skin in opposite directions

fatal flaw = a big mistake, which causes something to be less effective or valid

to fall prey to something = to be influenced by something

(definitions taken from the Cambridge, Collins and Urban Dictionary)


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