Leonard doesn’t like the pants he got from his girlfriend. So, he is ruining them deliberately by using too much fabric softener.

(Season 2, Episode 10: The Vartabedian Conundrum)



Penny: Oh hey.

Leonard: Oh, good. Do you have any fabric softener?

Penny: Yeah, sure. What are you washing? A crocodile?

Leonard: No, the pants that Stephanie got me.

Penny: Oh, sweetie, you can’t machine-wash these. They’ll be ruined.

Leonard: Are you sure?

Penny: Absolutely.

Leonard: Oh, no. I wish you’d told me that sooner.



fabric = cloth or woven material, or a type of this material

softener = a substance used to make something soft

fabric softener = a substance added to fabrics during laundering to make them softer

pants [Am.] = trousers [Br.]; a piece of clothing that covers the lower part of the body from the waist to the feet

sweetie = a very pleasant or kind person

machine-wash = to launder by washing machine rather than by hand

(definitions and example sentences taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)



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