Howard meets Summer Glau on a train and wants to ask her out. But she is not very impressed with him.



Howard: Okay, here’s another one. If you married the famous rock guitarist Johnny Winter, you’d be Summer Winter.

Summer: Uh-huh.

Howard: Okay, I’m going to just go for broke here and say I like you.

Summer: Yeah?

Howard: So here’s my question, do you realistically see any conversational path that would take us from where we are right now to a place where I could ask you out and you’d say yes?

Summer: No.

Howard: Fair enough. I’ll leave you in peace.

Summer: Thank you.

Howard: But before I go, would you mind if I just take one picture of us together for my Facebook page?

Summer: Sure.

Howard: Okay. Great. Now, can I take one where it looks like we’re making out?



to go for broke = to risk everything in the hope of having great success

to ask someone out = to invite someone to go with you somewhere socially, especially because you have romantic feelings for the person

fair enough = to show that you understand why someone has said something

to make out = If two people are making out, they kiss each other or are engaged in sexual activity.

(definitions taken from the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary)


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Big Bang Theory: Howards meets Summer Glau

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