Howard wants to engage in a conversation with Summer Glau, a famous American actress. So he is working on his opening line.



Leonard: So aren’t you going to go talk to her?

Howard: I will, I’m just working on my opening line.

Leonard: She’s probably heard every possible line, Howard. Why don’t you just try hello?

Howard: No, no, no, that always creeps girls out. I need to come up with something that’s funny, smart and delicately suggests that my sexual endowment is disproportionate to my physical stature.

Leonard: You’re gonna need more than 11 hours.



gonna = going to

opening line = the first sentence of a planned conversation or speech

to creep somebody out = to cause someone to have an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or fear

delicate = something that is delicate needs careful treatment

sexual endowment = An endowment is something that you have from birth. With sexual endowment, Howard is referring to the size of his penis.

disproportionate = too large or too small in comparison to something else

physical stature = referring to someone’s height

(definitions partly taken from the Cambridge and Merriam Webster Dictionary)


Another funny scene from Big Bang Theory:

Sheldon is sent away repeatedly

The boys are helping Penny with her new furniture



Big Bang Theory: Howard is working on his opening line

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